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More Photos of Elvis During the '68 Special Now Added to Mobile Apps

June 21, 2013

We have even more photos from the 45th anniversary of Elvis recording his legendary 1968 television special. The TV special titled “Elvis” aired on NBC on December 3, 1968, and was seen by 42% of the viewing audience. The program was originally intended to be a Christmas special, featuring Elvis singing mostly Christmas songs. NBC hired Steve Binder to direct and co-produce the television special because they wanted someone young, to whom Elvis could relate. Binder ended up morphing the show into the format it is famous for today by taking the song lineup away from being exclusively focused on Christmas. Inspired by Elvis' impromptu and informal sing-a-longs and rehearsals in the dressing room, Binder translated that to the stage with the "jam session" portion of the show. This extravagant entertainment special features Elvis in some of his greatest and most memorable moments captured on video. Many experts claim that the '68 Special reignited Elvis' passion for live performances and was just the boost his career needed after a significant amount of time since his last live tour. In celebration of one of Elvis' most iconic performances, we've added five photos of Elvis during the '68 Special to our Elvis Mobile 2.0 iPhone appElvis Mobile 2.0 Android app, and Elvis for iPad app.

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