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Alternative Rocker Brett Scallions Talks About Seeing Elvis Perform Live

December 13, 2012

Tennessee native and alternative rocker Brett Scallions talks about the moment he saw Elvis in concert and how it inspired his musical career in a new article on Scallions, originally the lead vocalist for the popular alternative rock band Fuel, has collaborated with artists from the Doors, Pearl Jam, Dave Mathews Band, among many others.

Excerpt from interview with Brett Scallions:

Was there an early concert you saw growing up in the Memphis area that inspired or influenced you?

"My very first concert: I was four and my parents took me to see Elvis Presley at the Mid-South Coliseum. I remember the flashes, the sounds – I do have a vivid memory of it. Near the Memphis area, the energy of Elvis was always in the air. I'm so thankful they took me to that. When I was a kid I used to get up and try and to be Elvis. Then when I was a little bit older I remember seeing The Cult on the Sonic Temple tour. They had so much energy in the show – I just thought, oh my God this what I want to do."
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