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New Rhodes College Documentary Looks at Elvis' Life on Audubon Drive

January 17, 2013

Students in the Crossroads to Freedom Digital Archives and the Mike Curb Institute fellowship programs at Rhodes College are currently working on a new documentary featuring the king, according to an article posted on the

Students spoke with Elvis' former neighbors to talk about his pre-Graceland days on Audubon Drive in East Memphis. Many shared memories of watching Elvis evolve into an international icon and how "the Elvis years" are their favorite stories to tell friends and family. From police escorts to parking fees charged to Elvis fans crowded around the neighborhood, each of the king's former neighbors look back at those days during the king's rise to stardom.

"We didn't realize the enormity of Elvis Presley, but we figured it out quickly. When you couldn't get through Audubon Drive with a car," said Front Street Deli owner Larry Busby.

After several months on Audubon Drive, Elvis apologized to his neighbors for the heavy traffic and said he would soon be moving to "a house in the country" - now known as Graceland. The interviews will be presented on the Crossroads to Freedom website as a series about Elvis' activities, love interests and kindness during his 13-month stay in East Memphis.

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