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"The Late Late Show" Host Craig Ferguson Talks Elvis' Birthplace

March 01, 2013

"The Late Late Show" host Craig Ferguson recently gave a shout out to Elvis' birthplace during the segment of the show where he reads fan newsletters. Watch this witty video (above) from the popular late night host and self-professed Elvis fan.

Ferguson features a nightly segment where he reads fan mail. During the segment, a viewer from Tupelo, MS, prompted a full on conversation about Elvis. In a passionate and hilarious defense of Ferguson's knowledge about the king, he challenges anyone who wants to question his Elvis knowledge.

"You think you know more Elvis trivia than me, than I will take you on!"

Want to learn more about the king? Plan your own rock 'n' roll pilgrimage to Graceland with our free online trip planner! Also, learn more about visiting Elvis' birthplace in Tupelo, MS, by visiting