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VIDEO: Blogger Captures Her Emotional Graceland Experience

June 17, 2013

Every Elvis fan can relate to the experience of stepping through the doors of Graceland for the first time. Very few have the opportunity to catch this amazing moment on film. Check out this emotional and witty new video (above) from blogger Molly McAleer and see how her life-long dream of coming to Graceland became what she calls, "the best day of her life."

"There are certain things in life that need little introduction and this is one of them. Not just because it’s a video of Graceland, home of the King of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis Presley, but because I am freakin’ speechless."

The video opens with an emotional Molly arriving in Memphis and realizing that the day she waited her entire life for was about to come true. Overwhelmed by emotion, Molly takes the tour of Graceland and walks in the king's footsteps.

"From trailblazing in the music industry and incorporating his personal tastes into his persona and making the world love it, no one’s ever done it better or quite as well as Elvis Presley. It was an honor to tour his personal wonderland, a home he lived in and loved."

Read more about Molly's experience here at Graceland by visiting Also, be sure to check out her photo spotlight inside the SiriusXM Elvis Radio booth! Ready to see Graceland for yourself? Be sure to check out our new specials and packages and plan your own rock 'n' roll pilgrimage today!