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"Elvis: The King Revealed" Available On Newsstands For A Limited-Time Only

November 15, 2013 (Updated)

Due to the success of this Elvis-exclusive magazine, "Elvis: The King Revealed" is now available at your local supermarket, pharmacy or convenience store for a limited-time only! Elvis fans can also pick up a copy of the Graceland exclusive version by visiting!

Elvis remains the highest selling performer ever and his impact on American Culture from the 1950’s until today is unparalleled. This edition of "Elvis: The King Revealed" features an iconic photo from the legendary "'68 Special" performances which celebrates its 45th anniversary this year. "Elvis: The King Revealed" dives deep into Graceland’s historical archives to access thousands of rare photos, documents and vintage items of Elvis memorabilia. From an all-access tour of Graceland to over 350 rare archive photos, this exclusive Elvis magazine has it all.

Grab your copy of "Elvis: The King Revealed" at a store near you and be sure to get the Graceland exclusive collector's edition by visiting Ready to visit the king's home? Save big with specials and packages featured on