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Give The Perfect Holiday Gift - The Elvis Presley Souvenir License Plate

October 24, 2013

Elvis Presley fans have had a special relationship with the Regional Medical Center for many years and holiday gift-giving for the Elvis fan in your life just got easier. The much-loved Elvis Presley Souvenir License Plates are now available at

In 1983, then Shelby County Mayor Bill Morris dedicated the trauma center at The MED, in Elvis’s name. At the dedication, Elvis fans collectively gave $50,000 to the trauma center, becoming the seed capital for The MED Foundation, the hospital’s philanthropic arm.  Back in 2005, the Regional Medical Center partnered with Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc., to offer the first authentic license plate bearing the image of Elvis Presley. Since then, Tennessee drivers purchasing the license plates have generated more than $114,000 for the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center.

The money is used to purchase state-of-the-art equipment for the trauma center and provide training for front line staff, all of which helps to save lives. In recent years, The MED completed work on a new Trauma Training and On-Call Center funded in part with revenue from these souvenir license plates.

Elvis fans from across the globe continue to call and email The MED Foundation to request the license plate, which is available only to licensed Tennessee drivers. To meet this broader demand, The MED Foundation and Elvis Presley Enterprises developed and released the souvenir license plate in 2010.  

In addition to being the only level-one trauma center in a 150 mile radius of Memphis, the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center is the only health care facility in the world to bear Elvis’s name. These specialty plates are available to purchase on The MED Foundation’s online store.