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"Lovestruck on Lonely Street" Told By Actress Raquel Welch in Wall Street Journal

October 28, 2013

Every Elvis fan can recall the moment they fell in love with the king and the same goes for actress Raquel Welch, who recently sat down with the Wall Street Journal to share her memories of seeing Elvis live in concert at the cusp of stardom. Fans can read the entire article titled "Lovestruck on Lonely Street" by visiting

Welch sat down for an interview with Wall Street Journal reporter Marc Myers to talk about her book "Beyond the Cleavage." Welch talks about seeing Elvis perform at the San Diego Arena in 1956, as "Heartbreak Hotel" ruled the radio airwaves.

"Hearing that song was a real turning point for me as a teenager. When I saw him in action, he was mesmerizing. I screamed myself silly," states Welch. "He had that emotional, erotic intensity that was impossible to resist."

Welch talks about this pivotal moment in her life in great detail, even describing Elvis' complete attire, dance moves and how his hair would fall over his eyes.

"Whenever I hear 'Heartbreak Hotel' now, it takes me back. It reminds me of what a force Elvis was. He still is today. Sometimes I get misty-eyed over the whole thing."

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